Hungarian patent for a panel with controlled heat- and sound insulation

The panel is manufactured to carry vacuum and overload also. The panel can be used to form

a wall for all kind of industrial and living buildings so their heating and cooling is solved.
Depending on the value of the vacuum, the panel can be the best insulation (in any panel-form). The value of the vacuum is controlled by a small vacuum-pump, that controlles the hysteresis of the value. The panels can be connected in series connection, with one vacuum-field. With different mediums in the panel, the panels can be used for heating or controlling the temperature or humidity of the room.

Fields of application:

- air-conditioning of living buildings (if the panel is built ont he floor, it can be a heat-insulator on winter-time and heatconductor on summer-time to cool by ground

- industrial application: heat-insulation or aircondition-walls for store-houses, storing buildings, drying equipments, heattreating equipments

- sound-insulation for movies, studios, music-rooms or for industrial applications.

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