KENTHERM drying technology

Wood-drying is based on the general principle that the material to be dried has to be introduce into drying climate it can tolerate – a climate able to absorb the water given off by the wood in such a way that the planks don’t get damaged in the process.
Traditional fresh air or convection dryers are based on the simple principle that the air ain a hot drying chamber absorbs more water – i.e. steam – that the colder, outside air.
For example: if air with a temperature of –15 C and with a relative humidity content of 90% is heated up to +48 C, that it’s relative humidity content will drop to ca. 2%. This means that air in a chamber with a temperature of +48 C is ready to absorb of further big amount of water. This wet air is then extracted from the chamber and replaced by drier external air.
Kentherm drying technology incorporates an important principle that is often overlooked. The technical therm for the amount of heat (humidity) carried by the prevailing air is “hidden heat”. The Kentherm thermal condensator aims to make use of this ‘hidden energy” by releasing it from the humid air – and at minimal energy cost