Drying-steaming equipment

New development

Creating New Hydrothermal Equipment and Technology for Improvement of Black Locust Wood
Drying-steaming equipment

The project will implement a new combined drying-steaming technology on an industrial scale. This new drying-steaming process is based on laboratory experiments. During this planned process the drying and the steaming will be carried out in the same vacuum drying chamber as a joint progress. The drying will be followed by the steaming. The advantages of this planned process are: the stress release process is unnecessary after drying, no secondary drying process is needed after steaming, no material transport is needed between drying and steaming.

A new combined drying-steaming technology will be implemented on industrial scale. Steaming experiments will be carried out on parquet dimension black locust wood samples at laboratory conditions. The optimum steaming time will be determined with different steaming temperatures. A drying-steaming equipment will be designed and installed. Drying-steaming experiments will be carried out in the new chamber with industrial size quantity of wood. The steaming parameters created after laboratory experiments will be modified with the data of industrial experiments. The colour change caused by steaming will be monitored by computer-supported colorimeter. The quality of drying and steaming will be qualify regarding to the standards.

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